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2017 banking transformation trends

The demands from customers, FinTech and regulation (PSD2, Brexit, deregulation in the USA) will put pressures on traditional banks to transform. Read more:

Post-Brexit UK should try to retain FinTech companies

Most of the FinTech companies had chosen London as their preferred destination because of its position in the EU and the access it provided to the whole EU market. These advantages may soon be history. Read more:

Regulation is strangling FinTech startups, VC’s can help

While the total impact won’t be visible until years after secession from the European Union, Brexit is sure to limit access to talent and markets for sapling startups. Read more:

FinTech startups more prepared for Brexit than banks

UK-based banks and startups alike are preparing for the potential economic turbulence Britain’s departure from the EU might bring - but it’s the latter that are best prepared to react. Read more:

Singapore seeking London’s FinTech talents after Brexit

City-state Singapore is all set to woo new talents from London from the field of FinTech following the recent vote by Britain to move out of the European Union. Read more:

Brexit sparks FinTech funding crunch

Britain’s place as the FinTech capital of Europe is under threat after 30 startups saw their funding pulled in the wake of the EU referendum vote. Read more:

Brexit: The challenges and opportunities for UK FinTech

The focus has shifted to the form of our exit; will it be a “hard” or “soft” Brexit and what do those terms really mean. Read more:

London FinTech feels pressure post-Brexit

There has been a significant drop in VC funding in London, prompting some to think that the city could lose its position as the FinTech capital. Read more:

Doing RegTech right

So far 2016 has been one of the most contentious years since the G20 agreed the regulatory reform agenda seven years ago. Read more:

Brexit: further clarity for consumer payments?

Although it has been three months since the UK population voted to leave the European Union, there is very little additional clarity on the impact of Brexit. Read more: