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Brexit a potential catalyst for global B2B payments shakeup

While some analysts had predicted apocalyptic-like fallouts from Brexit, the impact is a bit more profound. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Sweden bids to prise financial services power from UK  

Sweden is making a push to win financial services power after Brexit. Read more: www.cityam.com

How Brexit could help Berlin take London’s FinTech Crown

When it comes to Brexit’s winners and losers, Berlin looks set to snag a few victories, especially the city’s growing financial-technology sector. Read more: www.marketwatch.com

The UK struggles to fill FinTech positions

As the global FinTech hub you would think that the U.K. has no problem when it comes to recruiting new talent for its financial technology sector. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Ireland and Germany will battle for FinTech crown post-Brexit

Ireland and Germany are poised to step up to fill a void as leader of Europe's FinTech scene once the UK leaves the European Union (EU). Read more: www.cnbc.com

Brexit delays, more uncertainity for the FinTech sector

The financial sector is currently undecided about its future as until now, London had gained the distinction of being the financial hub of Europe. Read more: www.newsbtc.com

Why Dublin is turning into a haven for blockchain

In the wake of Brexit, the Republic of Ireland could become the go-to European hub for FinTech companies, and among them, its many specialists in blockchain technology. Read more: www.irishtechnews.ie

Ireland targets UK FinTech startups post Brexit

The Irish government is eyeing up the UK's thriving FinTech sector and will make a bid to attract startups to Dublin directly in the wake of the Brexit vote. Read more: www.cityam.com

Will FinTech perish or prosper under President Trump?

The election of Donald Trump and the impending Brexit have created new uncertainties around the fintech industry, one of the best performing industries in 2016. Read more: www.benzinga.com

Why France might steal the UK’s FinTech crown

After the Brexit vote, many industry leaders expressed concerns about difficulties bringing in foreign talent and losing access to the single market. Read more: uk.businessinsider.com