Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Limited Partner:

Which other LPs participate in AltAssets LP-GP forums?

Investment professionals from over 170 active LP organisations from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia have attended AltAssets LP-GP forums.

What are the benefits of me or my organisation participating?

AltAssets brings you the best of the industry for any sector – all in a day. This means you get a chance to connect at a senior level and to exchange insights with knowledgable peers, the sector’s most promising GPs and industry experts.  Direct interaction is facilitated in a private club environment without the distraction of armies of intermediaries. The format offers the most efficient and effective use of your time to get up-to-date insights to inform your investment strategy and to connect with the industry leaders.

How can I take a more active participation?

LPs are invited to play an active role in driving the agenda, leading and participating in forum discussions and devising the GP ‘invitation list’. If you would like to be more involved in order to help shape future forums please contact Aaron Sohdi.

How do I invite GPs I would like to meet?

Simply let us know which GPs you think should attend along with a brief reason why and we can then invite them to participate.

How do I recommend topics and issues I would like to see discussed?

Please contact any member of the AltAssets editorial team.

How do I get an invitation to the next forum?

Simply let us know about your organisation and your investment interests. Please note that all LP applications are verified before approval.

I am a General Partner:

How are LP invitations made?

AltAssets has built relationships with LPs around the world over the last ten years. Over 4,000 LPs use the AltAssets online information service.  For each forum we reach out to this LP user base and invite those who are actively investing, or else are keen to learn more about, the sector on which the forum is focused.

Which LPs participate in AltAssets LP-GP forums?

Investment professionals from over 170 active LP organisations from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia have attended AltAssets LP-GP forums.

What is the difference between an AltAssets LP-GP forum and other conferences?

There are many excellent ‘open’ conferences put on around the world (and some not so excellent ones). AltAssets is pleased to act as media partner and to recommend the best conferences. However, we do not regard the AltAssets LP-GP forums as open conferences.Our objective is to connect selected LPs and GPs to in order to facilitate long-term investment partnerships.

How successful have previous forums been?

To date AltAssets has run over 40 LP-GP forums. All forums have been heavily oversubscribed and 50 or more GPs and 50 or more LPs have participated in each one. The feedback from participants for each forum has been extremely positive with the vast majority of delegates ranking the event as more useful than any other they have attended.

How are GPs selected for the ‘invitation list’?

AltAssets liaises with an LP advisory board and a wide range of other LPs to get their views on which types of GPs are of most interest and which GPs in particular they think are the most interesting and/or promising in a sector.

Can I attend if I have not been invited?

If no-one in your firm has received an invitation then it probably means that your firm’s name was not mentioned in discussions with LPs.  However, AltAssets is tasked with researching and identifying other firms which may be of interest to LPs, so please contact us to apply for a place. Applications will be approved by AltAssets if they meet criteria agreed  with LPs or else they will be referred to participating LPs for approval, subject to availability of places.

How is the forum financed?

The forum is financed by delegates and selected sponsors and event partners. Unlike other events we do not seek to maximise revenue by selling as many tickets as possible to intermediaries. The balance and total number of participants is strictly controlled in order to maximise the value and effectiveness of each forum. Although requests to participate far exceed the number of delegate places and the number of events we make available, we will continue to limit the size and the number of forums we hold each year.

How do I justify the cost?

The cost of a delegate place is less than for many conferences. More importantly, most GPs regard it as a “no-brainer” when comparing the value of attending to the costs of IR, marketing, administration, travel and accommodation that would otherwise be involved in connecting with the same number of LPs.

I attend many conferences for free so why should I pay at all?

There are many conferences where you can negotiate heavily discounted or free places. If the difference between such conferences and the AltAssets LP-GP forums is not apparent to you, please do not apply for a place at an AltAssets forum. As we limit total attendee numbers and as all forums are oversubscribed there is no need for us to offer ‘cheap seats’.

I am not fundraising so why should I attend this year?

If you only meet LPs when you are fundraising you run a big risk of being left behind in a very competitive market. Around half of the GP delegates at AltAssets forums are in fundraising or pre-fundraising mode. The other half believe it is essential to maintain a high profile IR programme and connect with existing and prospective LP investors regularly. If your competitors participate, and you do not, they may well get ahead in terms of LPs’ perceptions and/or strengthening relationships.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

GPs who become sponsors of a forum are able to play a more prominent role in the event and gain a higher profile with LPs. Sponsoring GPs are invited to become active participants in panel discussions and can bring up to four members of their team to the forum (instead of the limit of one attendee which is normally applied). Please note that sponsorship is available only to GPs that are approved by LPs and by AltAssets.

Why do you not arrange meetings between LPs and GPs?

The LP-GP forums are primarily networking events. In addition to panel sessions that address the issues of most concern to LPs, there are numerous networking sessions throughout the day. LPs and GPs are able to have direct interactions without the problems of having too many GPs fighting for attention from a limited number of LPs (as happens at many conferences) and without the distraction of the presence of too many intermediaries  On average, Each GP manages to conduct a dozen or so meaningful conversations with LPs during the day. At future events we may look to formalise LP-GP meetings for selected GPs.

Can I bring my placement agent or a 3rd party advisor?

No. We have agreed with LPs that we will limit the number of intermediaries at the forums. However, sponsoring GPs may replace one member of their team with a named placement individual, subject to approval by the LP advisory board and by AltAssets. Please note that if you bring a placement agent or any other 3rd party individual under you firm’s name you will be liable for the full GP sponsor fee (currently £15,000) and the matter will be relayed to LPs. This is in order to ensure that any involvement by placement agents is restricted in number and is available only to reputable agents who are approved by the LP advisory board and AltAssets.

Can you guarantee how many LPs I will meet?

No. We make absolutely no guarantee about the composition or total number of attendees at any forum.

I am a Service Provider:

Why can’t I attend as a delegate?

AltAssets forums are focussed on connecting LPs and GPs and exchanging insights with selected industry experts. A key feature of the format is the facilitation of direct interaction between LPs and GPs and we have been asked by LPs to preserve this feature by not inviting service providers, unless they are approved event partners. Unlike conference organisers we do not attempt to maximise revenue by selling as many tickets as possible to service providers.

What are the benefits of being an ‘event partner’?

Event partners have exclusive access to participants at the forum.  Exclusivity means that no competing service provider can attend.  The role of event partner is available only to recognised industry-leading firms that can offer expertise and insights. Event partners must be approved by both the LP advisory board and by AltAssets.

How do I apply to become an event partner?

Simply contact Aaron Sohdi at or call +44 (0)20 7749 1287.

I am a Placement Agent:

Why can’t I attend as a delegate?

We have agreed with LPs that the number of placement agents and other service providers will be strictly limited in order to facilitate direct interaction between LPs and GPs.  Reputable placement agents, who are approved by both the LP advisory board and AltAssets, may apply to become co-sponsors of a forum. 

Can I attend if my client is attending and has asked me to accompany them?

No. And please do not turn up as the organisers will be obliged to evict you. If you attend the forum without being approved as a co-sponsor, the client GP who brings you will be legally liable to a pay a sponsorship fee. This is unfortunately necessary to protect the quality of the event and the interests of the reputable placement agents who participate as co-sponsors.

How do I apply to become a co-sponsor?

Simply contact Aaron Sohdi at or call +44 (0)20 7749 1287.