serves the information and communications needs of the global private equity and venture capital industry. We have been connecting limited partners, fund managers, corporate venturers and technology innovators around the world for over a decade.
Our credentials in this industry


The AltAssets online news and research service

is the world’s most widely used source of online information in the global private equity industry and is used regularly by 50,000 professionals each month in over 150 countries.

Find at more at www.AltAssets.net

Our flagship printed publication Limited Partner Magazine

is the most widely read trade magazine amongst institutional investors worldwide and is read by investment professionals in over 5,000 LP organisations



forums and summits bring together active institutional and corporate investors with leading fund managers to build long-term investment partnerships in specific sectors such as clean energy, infrastructure, real estate, venture and mid-market private equity


Our flagship summit, Limited Partner Summit

has established itself as Europe’s largest conference for active LPs, GPs and industry experts. Participants at our events include the world’s biggest and most active investors, thought-leaders and senior political figures such as Al Gore, former US Vice-President, Dr Vince Cable, UK Secretary of State, and Robert Kennedy Jr.

We are backed by a large group of private individuals who are well-known, highly successful private equity and venture capital investors, hedge fund managers, traditional asset managers, technology entrepreneurs and financial media specialists. All have invested personally into Investor Networks Ltd, the parent company of AltAssets.