Sunday, February 25, 2024


Evolution of Kadena, first real private blockchain

It is a huge step forward, possibly representing a new-generation of blockchain technology by its introduction of the idea of “pervasive determinism”. read more:

Startup aims to garner donations in cryptocurrency for charities 

Cross-Stratum Mutual Community Asia, a UK-based techno-finance startup, has announced its plans to release a new cryptocurrency – the Cross-Stratum Coin. Read more:

Saxo Bank predicts ‘outrageous’ bitcoin price of $2,100 next year

Leading multi-asset trading and investment expert, Saxo Bank Group, has predicted that the Bitcoin price will see new all time highs in 2017. Read more:

Factom pulls in additional funding to take Series A passed $8m

Blockchain-as-a-service company Factom has extended its Series A round to more than $8m. Peeli Ventures, Harvest Equity joined the extended round. Read more:

Goldman Sachs wants more blockchain

Trading currencies is costly and slow for traders at major financial institutions—transactions need to go through a bunch of middle men, each of which take a slight fee. Read more:

Equibit to beta test blockchain-based OTC platform

EDC has completed its Supernode installation, a cryptocurrency node that performs all cryptographic operations in hardware rather than software. Read more:

SEC expected to decide Bitcoin ETF’s fate by Friday

The SEC's decision on the bitcoin ETF is expected by Friday. Read more:

Does regulation slow down or accelerate adoption?

Recently, many countries and cities have published new laws and legislations to regulate bitcoin. Read more:

Indian bitcoin exchange Unocoin releases APIs

Unocoin, arguably India’s foremost bitcoin exchange has announced the implementation of its APIs, a first for the company. Read more:

3 blockchain projects win E&Y Startup Challenge

A startup contest hosted by professional services firm Ernst & Young ended with three blockchain companies receiving honors. Read more: