Arizona’s blockchain bill passes Senate

The Senate of Arizona has passed a bill relating to the blockchain that would give smart contracts and blockchain signatures legal binding status. Read more:

Bitcoin price flirts with $630 as traders bet long

Bitcoin prices neared $630 on 8th September, rising more than 2% as a short squeeze propelled gains. Read more:

FinTech platforms add Islamic finance capabilities

Goldmoney has certified its gold-based financial products as sharia-compliant, the latest firm to combine blockchain technology to tap demand from Islamic investors. Read more:

ABN Amro joins R3 blockchain consortium

The Dutch bank is an investor in blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings and is working with local academics on applications of the technology. Read more:

Blockchain trading sees securities exchange trial

A major securities brokerage in Japan is reportedly testing a blockchain-based stock trading system in Myanmar. Read more:

Billon picks up $2m for ledger-based banking services

Distributed ledger-based payments firm Billon has raised $2m in funding from a collection of unnamed UK investors. Read more:

Despite reports, India’s bitcoin policy hasn’t changed

Media sources in India reported this week that the government had deemed bitcoin illegal, causing a stir that appeared to be overblown. Read more:

Paxos and EY to collaborate on blockchain for gold bullion

Paxos and EY today announced a new collaboration on the rollout of a next-generation blockchain settlement service. Read more:

Bitcoin wallets get a key approval in Switzerland

Bitcoin companies offering virtual wallets sometimes face a difficult legal question: do they have to operate as a bank or can they function as something else? Read more:

Blockchain needs business standards

How the industry can best develop the business standards needed to ensure that blockchain developments don’t create islands of automation. Read more: