Thursday, December 1, 2022


Blockchain… prepare for change!

If you’re asking yourself whether the hype around blockchain is worth looking into it, the answer is yes. Read more:

Japan’s three largest banks back bitFlyer

Three of Japan’s largest banks are now stakeholders in Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange bitFlyer following its new ¥200m ($1.7m) round. Read more:

Swedish FinTech stakeholder SEB invests in Coinify

Coinify has attracted a new FinTech investor after the Swedish banking giant, SEB, joined a Series A funding round with SEB members join Coinify's board. Read more:

Santander plans to issue cash on blockchain

Spanish banking giant Santander is working on a project that explores how it could digitize customer cash using the public ethereum blockchain. Read more:

LedgerX seeks approval as regulated clearing platform

LedgerX plans to list and clear fully collateralized, physically settled options on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Read more:

When will bitcoin’s market cap equal gold and reserve currencies?

How can we determine at what price point will bitcoin match the total money supply value of global reserve currencies and the market cap of precious metals? Read more:

Goldman Sachs wants more blockchain

Trading currencies is costly and slow for traders at major financial institutions—transactions need to go through a bunch of middle men, each of which take a slight fee. Read more:

Avalon calls for mining industry changes

In the wake of allegations that bitcoin hardware manufacturers may be engaging in unfair practices. Read more:

Are these nine startups the next big thing in blockchain?

Online startup program Hacker Unit has partnered with IBM and is shining a light on blockchain’s impending boom by enlisting 9 startups that are using the technology in bold new ways. Read more:

Former Barclays’ chief joins board of bitcoin wallet startup

Former Barclays chief Antony Jenkins is extending his interests in the broader non-bank ecosystem by joining the board of digital currency outfit Blockchain. Read more: