Saturday, January 28, 2023


Bitcoin investors are better off without ETF anyway

Bitcoin's price jumped more than $100 on Friday morning, trading above $1300 per unit for the first time. Read more:

Blockchain outfit Iconomi raises $5.8m in ‘initial coin offering’

Iconomi, the first-ever fund management platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies, today announced approximately $5.8 million in equity. Read more:

Blockchain could be ‘revolutionary’ to this $2tn problem

Blockchain could be "revolutionary" for trade, HSBC has told CNBC, after the bank unveiled a partnership with BOAML to trial the technology. Read more:

Bitcoin value rises over $1bn

Bitcoin is up nearly $100 in the past week, hitting levels not seen since mid-March after Japan legalized the cryptocurrency as a payment method. Read more:

Blockchain revolution won’t happen ‘soon’

A senior Bank of England official doesn’t believe widespread blockchain adoption will happen anytime soon. Read more:

Razormind to launch two blockchain banks in Europe

Razormind, a blockchain software company, has announced plans to construct two blockchain banks in Europe, one in Belfast and another in Paris by 2017. Read more::

IBM is going all in on blockchain for trade finance

Software giant IBM has been a leader in blockchain-based solutions targeting trade finance, launching solutions for Indian Mahindra Group. Read more:

Blockchain, cognitive computing and cloud to shape future of finance

According to banking and technology chief executives, cognitive computing and cloud are some of the technologies that will shape the finance industry the most in the digital age. Read more:

Coinbase CEO: IRS battle could cost startup $1m

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has officially responded to the so-called "John Doe" case instigated in November by the IRS. Read more:

Accenture files patent for editable blockchain

The consultancy giant has caused upset in the fintech community by filing a patent for an editable blockchain. Read more: