Sunday, April 21, 2024


Three reasons for high bitcoin demand in November

A special set of very unique circumstances has moved the global mainstream closer to Bitcoin than ever before. Read more:

Bitcoin wants to go higher

Bitcoin dropped 150 points on Kraken. The question has been asked by several: “Is that it, or is there more of a fall coming?” Read more:

Global banks pilot blockchain-based gold settlement platform

A group of global banks and financial institutions has completed the first pilot of a new blockchain-based gold trading platform. Read more:

Bitfinex resumes trading following $77m hack

Bitcoin exchange Bitfineix is up and running again after last week suffering a security breach that saw 19,756 bitcoins stolen from users’ accounts.

R3 releases code for distributed ledger tech Corda

R3CEV, the startup behind the world's largest banking consortium on distributed ledger applications, has made the code for its Corda platform freely available. Read more:

Investment firm values bitcoin price at $848

An investment firm bumped the estimated value for bitcoin price from $655 to $848, due to faster than expected adoption and improving fundamentals. Read more:

Blockchain is 5 years from mainstream

Nearly half of the members of a blockchain consortium focused on post-trade settlement see the technology achieving wider adoption over the next three to five years. Read more:

Bitcoin price slides as Chinese officials inspect local exchange

Bitcoin tumbled to a one-month low on worries that Chinese authorities are going to tighten their oversight of the digital currency. Read more:

The IMF holds first ‘high level’ meeting on blockchain

The IMF held a meeting of an advisory group on FinTech today – one that featured heavy representation from blockchain industry execs. Read more:

Barclays and Citi test blockchain tech for equity swaps processing

Barclays, Citi, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan and an unnamed tier one FS firm took part in the month-long experiment. Read more: