Saturday, June 22, 2024


Firm to build post-trade blockchain infrastructure

BNP Paribas Securities Services, Euronext and Société Générale are among the members of a seven-strong consortium. Read more:

Firm Awarded €2.4M to Test blockchain-powered Shipping

An economic development firm owned by a Finnish city has been awarded €2.4 million to build blockchain-powered smart shipping containers. Read More:

Coinsecure and BitPay bring bitcoin payments to Indian merchants

Coinsecure and BitPay have teamed up to create a new platform for India-based merchants. The platform will allow merchants to receive Bitcoin but have rupees sent to their bank accounts instead. Read more:

Blockchain: Myth, Distraction, Or Real Enabler?

There is excessive hype regarding the blockchain, but if applied to specific problems it could really change how business is done in financial services. Read more:

Why banks shouldn’t fear blockchain

The blockchain will transform banking, and banks need to be leading that change. Read more:

Blockchain enables near real-time payment clearing

This article from Lets Talk Payments talks about blockchain-enabled efficient near real-time clearing of payment card transactions. Read more:

Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

Imagine a washer that autonomously contacts suppliers and places orders when it’s low on detergent, performs self-service and maintenance. Read more:

Payments search for the power within blockchain

Credit union service organizations TMG and Co-op Financial Services have teamed with Mercator Advisory Group in a venture to discover the true potential of blockchain technology. Read More:

Can IBM really pull off a blockchain business?

IBM is saying all the right things about Blockchain. Read more:

Blockchain will impact banking just as severely as the internet

Blockchain will prove to have the same impact on the future of financial services as the internet has had on travel, media and entertainment. Read more: