Saturday, July 13, 2024


Banks to use blockchain technology to speed up transactions

Partnering with San Francisco-based Ripple Labs, financial institutions are looking to improve transfers across borders. Read more:

Blockchain Coming to Gold Market

Euroclear and itBit plan to super-charge precious metals trading with a blockchain-based settlement system. Read more:

Cambridge on the need For blockchain education

Fintech is gaining a lot of importance for Cambridge University, and Bitcoin and blockchain are integral parts of financial disruption. Read more:

Indian markets all set to benefit from blockchain tech

An Indian company has come up with a solution that could potentially change the way derivatives and cash contracts are settled in stock markets. Read more:

PwC and Z/Yen to explore blockchain use in Insurance

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has teamed with Z/Yen, a London-based commercial think-tank that promotes societal advancement through better finance and technology. Read more:

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding experiment ends in disaster

Wildly successful DAO crowdsourced venture fund using Ethereum currency will now shut down. Read more:

Is Blockchain a dilemma for regulators?

Gabrielle Patrick is a UK and US lawyer specializing in cryptofinance and distributed ledger technology. Read more:

Bitcoin still not ready for prime time, Citi says

Bitcoin is an interesting experiment that is no threat to the banking system. Read more:

Bitcoin gets legal protection in China

The Chinese authorities issued a notice on the risk prevention of Bitcoin in 2013. Read more:

Swiss bank offers bitcoin trading platform

The private Bank Vontobel AG has introduced a new financial instrument to enable trading in the cryptocurrency bitcoin on the Swiss stock market. Read more: