Saturday, January 28, 2023


Financial Firms build post-trade blockchain for small businesses

Seven financial institutions have partnered to explore how blockchain tech could benefit small businesses. Read more:

Spanish Bitcoin giant Bitnovo offers virtual debit cards

Spain’s largest Bitcoin platform, Bitnovo has announced the expansion of its services on a global scale. Read more:

Bitcoin sees increase in price

The digital currency rose to as much as $639.97 at the time of report, roughly 4% higher than the daily low of $615.87. Read more:

Trade finance and blockchain: the right time

Financial institutions and technology companies have tinkered with trade finance for years, but progress has been slow. Read more:

Blockchain capital dries up as big FinTech deals decline

Cash is drying up for bitcoin and blockchain startups amid a broader decline in FinTech funding, according to new research from KPMG and CB Insights. Read more:

VC blockchain investments approach $300m

VC Blockchain Investments Approach $300 Million in H1 2016 as Banks Lead Deployments. Read more:

As India goes cashless, its central bank researches blockchain

As India's government pushes ahead with a controversial plan to move the country away from physical cash, blockchain becomes a more viable alternative. Read more:

BitPesa & BitBond start bitcoin loans to Kenya

German blockchain loans provider BitBond has partnered with BitPesa to facilitate payments directly to Kenya mobile accounts. Read more:

EthBits launches token crowd sale to build digital currency exchange

EthBits will be raising funds to develop their blockchain based digital currency platform in a crowdsale which started 15th April. Read more:

Global currency wars are creating bitcoin’s ‘killer app’

Today, millions of people around the world have choose bitcoin over government’s manipulative fiat currency in the world of finance. Read more: