Monday, April 15, 2024
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Tag: Online Banking

Paymentwall talks up security of online payments in Sweden

Paymentwall is now connected to all banks in Sweden, allowing every person with a bank account to pay using online bank transfer. Read more:

Starling Bank, a digital-only UK bank, launches beta

Starling Bank, one of a number of digital-only or so-called “challenger” banks in the U.K., is launching a beta. Read more:

When banking frustration closes a door, an app opens a window

According to Chris Britt, CEO of mobile-first banking platform Chime, consumers are getting frustrated with traditional financial institutions. And this frustration has created an opening for digital banking newcomers. Read more:

Atom relies on dis-appisfaction with traditional retail banks

Atom Bank is the first British bank with no branches and no call centres as everything is done through an app on customers’ phones. Read more:

Emirates Islamic Bank live with new core banking system

The group is planning to launch a new digital bank targeted at millennials. The initiative is part of Emirates NBD’s three-year AED $136 Million strategy to improve its processes, products and services. Read more:

Sogexia launches a new digital bank

Sogexia launches a new 100% digital online bank, this solution consists of a web and mobile online account to cash and withdraw money, process transfers and receive withdrawals, up to 4 MasterCard cards with optional travel insurance to settle expenses and make withdrawals. Read more:

Digital-only banks aren’t just for rate chasers: ING CEO

ING has made splashy investments in its digital bank, announcing it will spend about $850m over the next five years to accelerate customer growth. Read more:

Fiserv acquires Online Banking Solutions

Online Banking Solutions (OBS), an Atlanta-based provider of cash management software, is being taken over by banking tech giant Fiserv. Read more:

BBVA Wallet crosses 200,000 downloads threshold

The digital wallet that gives clients a convenient way to monitor and safeguard their BBVA Compass credit and debit cards, surpassed 200,000 downloads in the US. Read more:

PayU to launch consumer credit and digital banking service

LazyPay will enable users to buy things and allow them to pay later. Initially, it will be available for low-price purchases such as grocery and movie tickets. Read more: