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UK and Canada sign agreement for FinTech expansion

Regulators in the U.K. and Canada have signed an agreement that will assist FinTech companies, making it easier for them to expand into each other’s markets. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

UK university launches dedicated FinTech undergrad course

Wrexham Glyndwr University has announced the launch of the UK’s first undergraduate degree that is dedicated to the world of FinTech. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

Breaking banks: FinTech helping the refugee crisis

Marc Hochstein and Peter Renton talk about the upcoming Digital Identity Crisis Webinar, the LendIt Conference, and the proposed FinTech Charter. Read more: www.bankinnovation.net

UBS wealth chief: ‘we are embracing FinTech’

The COO of UBS’ wealth management sector said recently that banks are now focusing on working with FinTech companies. Read more: www.cryptocoinsnews.com

In FinTech, China shows the way

Advanced technology, backward banks and soaring wealth make China a leader in FinTech. Read more: www.economist.com

Obama administration publishes final FinTech report

The outgoing president of the United States of America has done much to support FinTech over an eight-year period. Read more: www.altfi.com

Fund That Flip: Real Estate Meets Crowdfunding

Matt Rodak and the team behind Fund That Flip noticed an opportunity in the real estate sector and pounced. After the financial crisis, an influx of entrepreneurs began flipping; old properties into nicer, newer homes. Read more: fintechv.com

“FinTech” Driving Commercial Real Estate Growth

As banks continue to recover from the last financial crisis they also face heightened regulation, potential for security breaches and a squeeze on expenses. This is having a major impact on their real estate decisions. Read more: highrisefacilities.com

Enterprise Ireland unveils €500,000 fund for FinTech startups

Competitive start fund can award up to €50,000 to each successful applicant. Read more: www.irishtimes.com

Insurance tech start-up investment surge

Investment in insurance tech start-ups more than tripled last year as a previously sleepy corner of the market begins to draw a surge of interest. Read more: www.ft.com