Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Tag: Fintech

AMMA leads $9m round in P2P payments provider Tapp Commerce

Australia-based AMMA Private Equity has led a $9m financing round in Finnish mobile payment app Tapp Commerce.

SafeCharge unloads its 5% minority stake in FinTech Group AG

SafeCharge exits its minority stake in FinTech Group AG for a small profit. Read more:

Mucker Capital, Tekton Ventures among backers of $11m Ascend Consumer Finance...

A bevy of venture capital backers have invested $11m in consumer credit fintech startup Ascend Consumer Finance.

Pine Brook, 1/0 Capital among $30m Better Mortgage Series A backers

Online home financing startup Better Mortgage has picked up a $30m round of investment from backers including 1/0 Capital and Pine Brook Partners, it is understood.

HitFox-backed FinTech builder FinLeap scores €21m financing round

German fintech company-builder FinLeap has picked up a €21m financing round from backers including HitFox, which launched the company back in December 2014.

This FinTech startup says it will take $13 trillion away from...

If you've been paying attention to trends in finance, you know there's a lot of buzz around startups in financial technology, more commonly known as FinTech. Read more:

Two real estate companies make Forbes' FinTech 50 list

Magazine recognizes companies that are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional real estate industry business models. Read more:

The future of microfinance in the FinTech age

Rupert Scofield, president and CEO of microfinance organisation FINCA, reflects on the state of microfinance as for-profit FinTech companies are moving in on the space. Read more: offers borrowers real estate secured loans

Fintech startup is the first of its kind to take a step into the colossal mortgage market, providing real estate secured loans to borrowers. Read more: