Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Tag: Fintech

AI, RegTech, the tech backbone for FX brokers

Chris Papageorgiou, Director and IT Business Consultant for FX Brokers at Radius FinTech Ltd tells readers more about the latest FinTech developments. Read more:

Visa Everywhere Initiative lands in Europe with €50,000 prize

Visa is bringing its Everywhere Initiative to Europe, dangling a €50,000 prize in front of FinTech startups. Read more:

Lloyds updates on FinTech mentoring scheme

Last year, Lloyds Banking Group announced the launch of a mentoring scheme that sees FinTech startups benefit from the broad expertise of its colleagues. Read more:

How will Trump, Brexit and populism influence FinTech?

With Article 50 triggered and the UK’s impending exit of the single market, a new US president, and a raft of European elections, it is often asked how this will affect FinTech. Read more:

Banking options narrow: partner or acquire FinTech firms

Many legacy banking organizations are either partnering or acquiring FinTech firms to jump start innovation efforts. Read more:

Payscape teams up with Embassy National Bank

Payscape has teamed up with Atlanta’s Embassy National Bank to provide local businesses with the latest financial products and services. Read more:

Banks and asset managers on the prowl for FinTech firms

Almost one in three banks and asset managers plan to buy a FinTech firm in the next 18 months as firms prepare for an increasingly technology-focused future. Read more:

Capital One gauges payment execs’ tech appetite

A new survey from Capital One and NAPCP find cost and a lack of knowledge are holding back payment professionals from adopting new technologies. Read more:

How is InsurTech keeping up with FinTech?

There has been huge flow of capital into insurtech in a short space of time. Read more:

FinTech a Brexit priority for treasury

Supporting new technologies must become a government priority to counter the threat Brexit poses to London's financial services sector. Read more: