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Freetrade pockets £1.1m on Crowdcube for stocks app

Stockbroking app Freetrade has smashed through its latest crowdfunding target to secure £1.1m in just 12 days. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

Online lender Blackmoon partners with ID Finance

ID Finance has integrated with Blackmoon and is now executing investment transactions. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Crowdfunding portal launches new syndicate platform

Crowdfunding platform Equitise has launched a new “Syndicate” platform to connect Australian VC's and Angel Investors with retail investors. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Trillion Fund P2P & crowdfunding platform up for sale

Trillion Fund announced today that it was putting all assets on the auction block. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Seedrs gives investors real time access to individual portfolio IRR

Seedrs released a service that provides investors the ability to access their internal rate of return (IRR). Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Monzo attracts over £8.8m in interest

In its upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, Monzo has attracted more than £8.8m in interest. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Monzo crowdfunding round rockets through $2.5m target

Digital challenger bank Monzo has blasted through its £2.5m crowdfunding target in less than four hours of opening pre-registration for the campaign. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

France’s altfinance doubles – crowdfunding grows 40%

The French Crowdfunding Association (Financement Participatif France) released the 3rd edition of its annual industry Barometer. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

German investment crowdfunding grew 39% in 2016

Investment crowdfunding grew by 39% during 2016 reaching €63.8m. Still quite small in comparison to some other countries but solid growth none-the-less. Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Dubai opens up to crowdfunding, as part of FinTech push

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is preparing to license loan-based crowdfunding platforms for the first time. Read more: www.forbes.com