Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Tag: Crowdfunding

A first-time investor’s guide to equity crowdfunding

Many will get drawn into the tempestuous world of startup investing without a plan, If you’re new to startup investing here are a few things you should know before going in. Read more:

Equity crowdfunding campaigns raise more than $575,000

Indiegogo announced the campaigns using the new funding outlet have successfully secured more than $575,0000 in equity funds in just on month. Read more:

Italian crowdfunding rules to accept all SME firms

the Italian Stability Law for 2017 extends investment crowdfunding to all small and medium companies that want to raise capital online. Read more:

Crowdcube: first UK crowdfunding platform to raise £200m

On Monday, Crowdcube announced it was the first UK crowdfunding platform to raise £200m for more than 430 businesses. Read more:

Watchdog plans tougher rules for UK P2P lenders

Britain's finance watchdog is proposing tougher rules on disclosure and transparency for peer-to-peer lending platforms, after a 6-month review into the growing industry. Read more:

How crowdfunding will transform inner cities

Regulation Crowdfunding made it legal for the average American to invest in startups and small businesses via online websites. Read more:

Adel FinTech incubator unveils crowdfund using Nxt’s blockchain

The incubator, launching a website to support its initiative, is an infrastructure aimed at developing and funding innovative start-ups using blockchain. Read more:

WeFunder has raised $1.8m in a self-crowdfunding campaign

This is not the first time WeFunder has raised money for itself. Since 2012, WeFunder has raised over $6.5m from more 259 investors. Read more:

Leetchi launches in the UK

Trust in UK charities is at a record low, so people are relying on crowdfunding to help fulfill fundraising targets and remove charities from the equation. Read more:

Three FinTech advancements that impact your business

Advancements in FinTech allow companies to better serve customers, accept payment, manage their finances, and find funding. Read more: