Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Kathryn Petralia: power lending, predictions & progress

Co-Founder and Head of Operations Kathryn Petralia has worked for over twenty years with large and small companies focused on credit, payments, and commerce. Read more:

AI and Insurance: exchanging privacy for a cheaper rate

Do you have car insurance? Health insurance? Homeowners insurance? Read more:

Compliance as competitive advantage

In an interview with PYMNTS, Cheryl Gurz of CGI said that to properly address financial crime, it must first be defined. Read more:

US challenger Clear launches AI-powered bank

Clear, a New York City start-up, has launched the “first” artificial intelligence (AI) powered bank for start-ups. Read more:

Clinc grabs $6.3m for voice-controlled smart assistant

AI-powered financial assistant Clinc has picked up $6.3m in a Series A round led by Drive Capital. Read more:

Wells Fargo sets up artificial intelligence team in tech push

Wells Fargo & Co has created a team to develop artificial intelligence-based technology and appointed a lead for its newly combined payments businesses. Read more:

LendingRobot taps blockchain for robo-fund

LendingRobot, the first robo-advisor for Alternative Lending built for individual investors, announced today the launch of robo-fund LendingRobot Series. Read more:

How Lemonade and AI are putting the fizz in insurance claims

US peer-to-peer InsurTech start-up Lemonade, claims it has set a world record for the speed and ease of paying a claim at three seconds with zero paperwork. Read more:

A FinTech filter for artificial intelligence in 2017

Because the technology has finally reached its tipping point, AI, and its close relative machine learning, have taken a variety of industries by storm. Read more:

Japanese insurance firm replaces 34 staff with AI

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is laying off the employees and replacing them with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can calculate insurance payouts. Read more: