Saturday, May 25, 2024

What’s the right amount of Robo for Investment Management?

The robots are here! But before you run for the hills, we're talking R2D2, rather than Daleks. Benevolent machines, doing our heavy lifting, but better, faster and more reliably. Read more:

21 InsurTech Ventures Changing Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is growing fast in emerging markets as people get their first car. Telematics can create a more personalised risk premium. Read more:

Tableau scores database tech with acquisition of HyPer

Tableau announced today that it has acquired HyPer, an early-stage German startup born in academia that has developed an advanced database technology. Tableau intends to incorporate the technology into its product set. Read More:

Sample Notice of Objective for Graduate School

How-to Distribute a Publishing Diary Why Select English is considered the way of universal communication , and we all need it regularly...

“FinTech” Driving Commercial Real Estate Growth

As banks continue to recover from the last financial crisis they also face heightened regulation, potential for security breaches and a squeeze on expenses. This is having a major impact on their real estate decisions. Read more:

Seedly wants to simplify personal finance for millennials

Singaporean startup Seedly’s co-founders Kenneth Lou and Tee Ming Chew want to do the work millennials are too lazy to do themselves. Read More:

Tech Mahindra takes over Pollen Street's Target Group in £112m deal

Welsh financial services outsourcing and software provider Target Group has been bought by India-headquartered multinational Tech Mahindra in a deal valuing the business at £112m.

London Set To Be B2B FinTech's Newest Hub

Analysts are pointing to London as the world's rising star for B2B and enterprise financial technology startups. Read more:

Research Design

SEO Copywriting Just how many occasions have you ever noticed the phrase “content is king”? This expression identifies the fact that through link creating...

Rocket Internet invests in online real estate with BrickVest

Global Founders Capital is investing in London and Berlin-based online real estate fund management platform BrickVest. Read more: