Friday, February 23, 2024

TruMid introduces On-Demand Bond Trading

Electronic corporate bond trading venue TruMid has launched its Market Center platform, introducing new trading functionality,Trading Technologies and Strategies ,Tech,TruMid,Bond,fixed income. Read more:

The future of microfinance in the FinTech age

Rupert Scofield, president and CEO of microfinance organisation FINCA, reflects on the state of microfinance as for-profit FinTech companies are moving in on the space. Read more:

Japan and Singapore establish FinTech co-operation framework

The framework enables FSA and MAS to refer FinTech companies in their countries to each other’s markets. Read more:

Real Estate blockchain to replace government

Real estate blockchain - use the Bitcoin blockchain to record the transfer of properties, why bother with the delay, cost, and inefficiency of the government? Read more:

What’s the right amount of Robo for Investment Management?

The robots are here! But before you run for the hills, we're talking R2D2, rather than Daleks. Benevolent machines, doing our heavy lifting, but better, faster and more reliably. Read more:

German & Austrian SMEs look to Finnest for growth

Finnest, an SME or “Mittelstand spezialist,” is helping Austria-based Biogena to fund its expansion in Germany. Read more:

Insurance tech start-up investment surge

Investment in insurance tech start-ups more than tripled last year as a previously sleepy corner of the market begins to draw a surge of interest. Read more:

Startup Simplesurance innovates customer experience

Joachim von Bonin (CFO), Robin von Hein (CEO) and Ismail Asci (CTO)Founding Team of simplesurance. Read more:

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