Saturday, January 28, 2023

Percentile to embark on RegTech trade mission to NY

Percentile announced that it has been selected to be part of the first UK RegTech mission to New York City. Read more:

Blockchain and the growing RegTech ecosystem

As the prevalence of RegTech increases, so too does the importance of entrepreneurs and developers taking advantage of the technology. Read more:

MOTION CODE considered to fight rising online fraud

MOTION CODE is a pioneering technology which embeds an e-paper screen on the reverse of your payment card, replacing the static printed security code. Read more:

Regulatory technology is a new remedy for emerging regulations

2016 has been a year of turbulence in the financial sector, with costly regulations impacting financial institutions (FIs) across the world. Read more:

Adapting regulation for the FinTech world

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau quietly modernized regulations associated with a 38-year-old law to bring safeguards to today’s mobile world. Read more:

Onfido now serves 2 billion unbanked individuals

Onfido announced this week it is helping to bring financial services to the 2 billion unbanked individuals worldwide with its Machine Learning-based solution. Read more:

Banco Sabadell in RegTech project with AxiomSL

Risk management and regulatory reporting software vendor AxiomSL has been selected by Banco Sabadell. Read more:

5 startups rebooting regulation

FinTech has another cousin. The rise of InsurTech is running parallel to the rise of RegTech. Read more:

IOB Singapore looks for new RegTech system

IOB Singapore is looking to modernise its regulatory reporting tech. Read more:

RegTech could keep firms from being overprotective

One solution to protecting financial data is simply to treat all data as sensitive. However, this all-or-nothing approach would lead to unnecessarily large data storage requirement. Read more: