Blockhain could regulate Russia’s national payment system

Russia’s AFI released a “roadmap” for improving the regulation of the National Payment System that includes using blockchain technology. Read more:

Bloomberg unveils IRS compliant tax calculation tool

Today, Bloomberg unveiled Tax Solution to help the global investment community adhere to a new IRS withholding requirement. Read more:

Financial services firms expect regulatory burden to increase

The actual number of significant pieces of financial regulation governments have issued has slowed, but the existing regulation is becoming more complicated. Read more:

Blockchain could reshape the SEC

The panel, moderated by the head of the SEC's blockchain working group, looked closely at how blockchain tech is changing the demands imposed on regulators themselves. Read more:

24 companies accepted for FCA’s FinTech sandbox

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced the first 24 companies that will be taking part in its regulatory sandbox. Read more:

FinTech growth in US and UK makes RegTech next battleground

With an anticipated wave of deregulation, neither the U.S. nor the U.K. wants to apply the old way of regulation to FinTech firms. Read more:

Percentile makes new hires for buy-side and sell side growth

Percentile, providers of technology for risk management and regulatory compliance. Read more:

Will IBM Watson endanger RegTech startups in 2017?

The history of RegTech may take a hit and course correction as IBM has silently made its way into RegTech this fall. Read more:

ECommPay becomes first to implement MasterCard dashboard

The MasterCard Dashboard is engineered to aggregate insights from across the MasterCard global network to provide a detailed overview of transactions. Read more:

RegTech: Not Cool, Who Cares?

As the excitement around fintech fades, regtech is getting enough buzz to attract investment. Read more