Friday, March 31, 2023


How Blockchain will change the financial services industry

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a potential “second generation of the Internet.” Read more:

UK-based FinTech companies in limbo, blockchain stable

The battle for the world’s fintech hub after the Brexit vote is still clouded by uncertainty, but time is running out. Read more:

JAAK introduces blockchain for entertainment companies

London-based startup JAAK has developed a blockchain for the entertainment and media companies using both Ethereum and Swarm. Read more:

“Go with bitcoin, skip central banks” says finance manager 

Bitcoin is an example of a new innovation that will see the current financial infrastructure governed by central banks challenged. Read more:

Bitcoin guru leaves Canada’s TSX for blockchain venture

He left in September to focus on Jaxx, a universal wallet for holding cryptocurrencies and tokens that facilitate transactions in blockchain-based applications. Read more:

What corporates really think of cryptocurrencies

Blockchain may have more potential to disrupt corporate finance than bitcoin does, but that doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies are entirely ignored. Read more:

Investors can’t ignore bitcoin anymore

Bitcoin price has risen 25% in the past 25 days. Read more:

Ad-blocker Brave launches bitcoin micropayments

Brave, a web browser that blocks third-party trackers and ads, has introduced a beta version of its bitcoin-based payment system. Read more:

Credit Suisse taps R3 for blockchain-based hackathon

Credit Suisse has carried out a global hackathon to find ways in which the R3 Corda distributed ledger platform can be used to make big cost savings. Read more:

The sharing economy of blockchain

In this article, Let's Talk Payments provides insights on the role of blockchain in the future of sharing economy. Read more: