Sunday, April 21, 2024

JP Morgan, Santander said to join new ethereum blockchain group

Dubbed Enterprise Ethereum, the project's founding membership is said to include major financial institutions, tech giants and natural resources companies. Read more:

Australia in strong global blockchain position

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of emerging blockchain technology. Read more:

Why US economic liberty depends on the Blockchain

Should 'trustless-ness' be a requirement for transacting safely in a free-market economy? Read more:

China’s financial firms urge the need for blockchain

China’s major financial institutions believe governance should not be replaced in any larger transitions to blockchain. Read more:

Hyperledger eyes mobile blockchain apps

A blockchain project developed by startup Soramitsu and IT giant Hitachi has been accepted into the Hyperledger blockchain initiative. Read more:

FCA publishes discussion paper on blockchain utilization

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a discussion paper on distributed ledger technology (DLT) also commonly called blockchain. Read more:

Bank of England & Boston Fed join Hyperledger blockchain

The Linux-foundation led open-source Hyperledger blockchain initiative has announced new members including Bank of England and Boston Fed. Read more:

Blockchain startup SnapSwap now an online money institution

The firm says the EMI licence, provided by the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg, allows it to issue debit cards and other payment instruments linked to Gloneta accounts. Read more:

Indian bank ICICI constantly looking at blockchain

Indian bank, ICICI, is showing plenty of interest in the development of blockchain applications, according to the banking institution’s CEO, Chanda Kochhar. Read more:

Blockchain impact timeline speeds up

Uptake of distributed ledgers will remove $110bn in costs for the global financial services industry over the next three years. Read more: