Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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How banks are getting around open banking and PSD2

Banks are scared, and will block any technology challenger. Don’t expect incumbents to provide open banking services any time soon. Read more:

Senior banking technologists quit to become FinTech gurus

Banks have been battling over senior technology professionals over the past six months, but they have a new problem. Read more:

Wirecard’s newest service enables money transfers from migrants

Wirecard is launching a new mobile money remittance service in Europe, targeting consumers including unbanked migrants sending funds home. Read more:

More regulations coming to bitcoin exchanges

Government law enforcement agencies are treating Bitcoin just as they would any other publicly traded currency. Read more:

EU watchdog tells FS firms to focus on blockchain security

Financial services firms rushing to adopt blockchain need to make sure that they address the security challenges associated with the technology. Read more:

FinTechs making strides in PSD2

New entrants, products and services are expected to result from the Directive, a revision of the original PSD that was introduced in 2007. Read more:

What Facebook’s European payment license means for banks

The rumours of Facebook entering the payment space in Europe have been going on ever since Facebook applied for a money transfer license a while ago. Read more:

Mobile banking surges as security issues are addressed

ING shows that the share of mobile device users in Europe who bank by mobile has swelled to 47% – up from 41% in 2015. Read more:

How far can ‘challenger’ banks ride FinTech charters?

Fintech, despite all the hand-wringing in recent years, isn't a full competitive threat to banks yet. Read more:

BNP Paribas completes first blockchain B2B payments

BNP Paribas has just completed its first cross-border corporate payments transactions via blockchain technology. Read more: