Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Tag: China

PSBC to roll out online consumer banking services

The bank says it will deepen its cooperation with Ant Financial and Shenzhen Tencent in internet and mobile finance. Read More: ww2.cfo.com

FinTech leads charge to improve forex payments for China

Growing investments in fintech services are poised to disrupt traditional foreign-exchange channels and drive the expansion of cross-border retail e-commerce. Read more: www.scmp.com

Bitcoin gets legal protection in China

The Chinese authorities issued a notice on the risk prevention of Bitcoin in 2013. Read more: e27.co

China’s P2P lending sector faces risk control challenges

Information technologies and innovation are not only reshaping the landscape ofmanufacturing but changing the roadmap of the virtual financial sector. Read more: www.chinadaily.com.cn

China hinted it could increase FinTech regulation

Fintech companies in China could soon face some more hurdles. Read more: uk.businessinsider.com

Circle pay app launches Chinese operations with $60m in local financing

Instant payments app Circle, which so far provided services to the US and the UK, has now expanded to China with a $60m in fresh funding from local investors.

China is the biggest market in FinTech – the world just...

China is the biggest market in fintech but the world just doesn’t know it yet. It is true, take a look at the chart above. Read more: www.lendacademy.com