Saturday, July 20, 2024
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A plea for rules, even if Hong Kong loses to Singapore

Call them barriers, obstacles, hindrances to development, if you will, but we need these rules. Read more:

The challenges China’s booming FinTech sector will need to tackle

China’s financial technology sector is taking off, allowing customers to easily make payments, obtain loans and invest online. Read more:

Alipay & WeChat payments have risen to $2.9 trillion

Alipay and WeChat payments have risen from transactions of less than $81bn (RMB 1 trillion) in 2012 to an estimated $2.9 trillion (RMB 20 trillion) in 2016. Read more:

Source Code Capital closes third fund with $260m hard cap

Chinese early-stage venture firm Source Code Capital has reached a final close of its third US dollar fund at a $260m hard cap. Read more:

Bitauto takes $1bn from investors for Chinese auto-financing

Chinese auto financing platform Bitauto has secured $1bn in its latest funding round from a consortium of heavyweight Chinese internet firms. Read more:

How WeChat Pay became Alipay’s largest rival

In the span of three years, WeChat's mobile wallet has become Alipay's biggest competitor. Here's how. Read more:

Avalon calls for mining industry changes

In the wake of allegations that bitcoin hardware manufacturers may be engaging in unfair practices. Read more:

Chinese credit assessment startup Wecash lands $80m

Chinese online credit evaluation platform Wecash has raised $80m in a Series C round of funding from local investors. Read more:

Yunfeng’s investment robo-app targets the masses

Yunfeng Financial Group Ltd. has created a robo-advisor application to manage the wealth of regular Chinese and Hong Kong investors. Read more:

Does regulation slow down or accelerate adoption?

Recently, many countries and cities have published new laws and legislations to regulate bitcoin. Read more: