Thursday, December 3, 2020

Bitfinex releases initial relaunch plans for bitcoin exchange

Digital currency exchange Bitfinex is planning to slowly re-enable user access following a recent hack and loss of nearly 120,000 bitcoins. Read more:

Virtual currencies unlikely to crowd out fiat

The Swift Institute has published a new research paper analysing whether Bitcoin will crowd out fiat currencies in the global community. Read more:

Bitcoin price activity hints at pending growth

Following Trump’s rise to power, bitcoin was one of only two financial assets to shoot upward, the other was gold. Read more:

Bitcoin price blast past $800; may hit $2000 by 2017

Bitcoin has now reached its highest price point in almost three full years, since February of 2014, in the aftermath of the Mt. Gox collapse. Read more:

Bitcoin prices dip below $900 after trading volume drop

Bitcoin prices fell below $900 during late-night trading, continuing that trend as the day progresses. Read more:

Bitcoin ETF: A FinTech marriage ready to happen

An innovative marriage that promises to combine two unique “FinTech” concepts—the ETF and the peer-to-peer digital currency bitcoin—looks like it’s finally about to happen. Read more:

Partnership enables Dash users to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Dash has partnered with Wall of Coins, a P2P bitcoin exchange, to allow users to exchange the cryptocurrency for cash at banks. Read more:

AT&T explores cryptocurrency car payments in new patent filing

Digital currency payments in vehicles may not be far off, if the ideas in a new patent application from telecom giant AT&T enter real-world use. Read more:

Bitcoin gets legal protection in China

The Chinese authorities issued a notice on the risk prevention of Bitcoin in 2013. Read more:

US government to auction $1.6m in seized bitcoin

The US government plans to auction over 2,700 bitcoin that were forfeited during several cases, including that of online black market Silk Road. Read more: