Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Coinsecure and BitPay bring bitcoin payments to Indian merchants

Coinsecure and BitPay have teamed up to create a new platform for India-based merchants. The platform will allow merchants to receive Bitcoin but have rupees sent to their bank accounts instead. Read more:

Blockchain will impact banking just as severely as the internet

Blockchain will prove to have the same impact on the future of financial services as the internet has had on travel, media and entertainment. Read more:

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding experiment ends in disaster

Wildly successful DAO crowdsourced venture fund using Ethereum currency will now shut down. Read more:

Bitcoin still not ready for prime time, Citi says

Bitcoin is an interesting experiment that is no threat to the banking system. Read more:

Bitcoin gets legal protection in China

The Chinese authorities issued a notice on the risk prevention of Bitcoin in 2013. Read more:

Swiss bank offers bitcoin trading platform

The private Bank Vontobel AG has introduced a new financial instrument to enable trading in the cryptocurrency bitcoin on the Swiss stock market. Read more:

Stricter regulation in Europe for bitcoin companies

The European commission said yesterday (July 5) that it was proposing strict new rules for companies that exchange or store digital currencies such as bitcoin. Read More:

Gatecoin completes recovery from hacking chaos with $500k investment

Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Gatecoin has raised $500,000 just months after being hacked.

Bitcoin drifts lower after technical milestone

The virtual currency bitcoin made it through its closely watched ‘halving’ with a 2% decline. Read More:

Bitcoin trading platform Quoine scores $20m JAFCO-led funding

Japanese venture capital major JAFCO has led a $20m Series A financing round for bitcoin trading platform Quoine.