Gatecoin completes recovery from hacking chaos with $500k investment

Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Gatecoin has raised $500,000 just months after being hacked.

The equity came from an unnamed listed Japanese investment company.

Back in May the trading platform was forced to shut to down after a cyber attack on its system resulted in the business losing clients’ deposits.

At the time the theft resulted in the loss of ETH 185,000 and BTC 250, which is equivalent to $2m.

This first investment will be primarily used to bolster the security infrastructure of the exchange, which is currently planned to relaunch in early August. It will also ensure the company remains fully operational as it continues to raise funds to reimburse the stolen ETH.

CEO Aurélien Menant said that 5,000 ETH has been recovered so far with the help and cooperation from Poloniex, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Fundraising for the reimbursement is still progressing, However the company said it is taking longer than expected.

Menant said, “We have been receiving many ideas, proposals and offers from members of the community across several channels on other ways we could approach the ETH fundraising.

“We greatly appreciate these proposals, and we have considered or are currently working on a multitude of potential solutions.”

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