Agentic gives post-Brexit boost to UK FinTech with new London office

New York-based Agentic Group, a membership-driven consortium with over 35 blockchain and digital currency-related companies, has opened a new office in London.

Rik Willard, founder and managing director of Agentic, said, “The Agentic Group was founded in response to the need for a cohesive voice in the field that addresses not only the financial implications of digital currencies and blockchains, but also the significant ramifications for the rest of the global business community.”

The setting up of a UK-based arm is aimed to boost the local fintech sector following the Brexit vote in June, Agentic has said in a statement.

Fintech veteran Lucas Cervigni, who is the head of Agentic UK, commented, “Representation in the UK is key for many reasons. Currently the fifth largest economy in the world, Britain boasts a strong history of excellence in the financial services sector. Outside of New York City, London has for decades been considered a financial hub where not just multi-national financial institutions are located but innovative financial technology startups choose to settle and grow.”

Cervigni believes the conversation about blockchain will carry on regardless the outcome of the EU referendum.

He said, “There is no doubt the number of debates on blockchain technology and digital currencies is increasing and will continue to do so, despite the Brexit vote. It is our aim to enhance these conversations with insight into the world-changing opportunities these technologies offer from pioneers in the space. We will provide insight and consultation on what the possible disruption of the EU referendum vote could have on these revolutionary technologies.”

The London opening is Agentic’s second one in Europe within a month, following the launch of its French operations in June.

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