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Robo-advisor Ginmon begins largest financing round in Germany

The disruptive development of FinTech continues. A study from the CFA institute shows Robo-advisors taking a leading role. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

Top trends in WealthTech

Maintaining fiduciary responsibility with a robotic investment platform suggests two potential scenarios: increasing use of human advisers, and deploying sentiment analysis technologies to better undersatnd nonverbal communication between planners and clients. Read more: www.finovate.com

Scalable Capital has attracted €100m in 10 months

Scalable Capital has passed over €100m in assets less than a year after launching. Read more: uk.businessinsider.com

WealthTech: a FinTech buzzword overview

WealthTech is a segment of financial technology that focuses on enhancing wealth management and investing. Read more: www.finovate.com

Ex-Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins sets up new FinTech start-up

Former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins has set up a fintech firm called 10X Future Technologies. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

ENV unveils new FinTech incubator class

The new class features the program's first international participants, and includes startups looking to spread FinTech innovation to a range of verticals. Read more: www.finextra.com

OCBC Bank to pilot wealth management and AI solutions

MIS Asia offers Information Technology strategy insight for senior IT management - resources to understand and leverage information technology from a business leadership perspective. Read more: www.mis-asia.com

FinTech platform to manage finance in South Korea

The South Korean government is launching an open platform designed to let firms develop and test apps for personal finance management. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

The effect of Robo-advisory on next level independent advice

Aided by robos, advisors will become more like today’s doctors, analyzing information and reviewing the platforms' recommendations and helping clients implement them. Read more: www.thinkadvisor.com

Bank of Baroda ties up with FinTech startup Fisdom

Bank of Baroda has tied up with a FinTech start-up Fisdom for personal wealth management services. Read more: www.business-standard.com