Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Tag: Visa

Visa opens London innovation centre

Visa has opened its largest innovation centre to date in London, with the aim of hosting partners from across Europe to collaborate on new ways to pay. Read more:

Visa, IBM partnership is a leap forward for cashless

Visa will be integrating its credit card tokenization technology with Watson’s Internet of Things network. Read more:

Visa strengthens Silicon Valley ties with new Palo Alto site

Stressing its technology credentials, Visa has opened a massive new office in Silicon Valley to house its data and research teams. Read more:

Visa’s profit, revenue tops estimates on payment growth

Visa reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue as more people made payments using its network. Read more:

Visa now BMO’s top pick in FinTech

While switching preference to Visa, the firm still maintains its Outperform rating on the shares of Mastercard. Read more:

Visa to run FinTech bootcamp for African startups

Nest will work with Visa's teams in Kenya, South Africa, and the UAE to coach select startups and make introductions to the continent's financial services firms. Read more:

Remittances are driving financial inclusion thanks to mobile

The World Bank estimates remittances to be a $600bn industry. Somaliland-born founder of WorldRemit, Ismail Ahmed, believes it could be worth a lot more. Read more:

Visa to acquire Cardinal Commerce

Visa has agreed to buy e-commerce authentication firm Cardinal Commerce to beef up security in card-not-present channels. Read more:

MasterCard, Visa set to reap spoils of India’s war on cash

he world’s largest payment networks will see a surge in transactions and cardholders after the Indian government’s decision this month to remove high-denomination bills. Read more:

Almost-free transfers highlights blockchain conference

A packed room of blockchain enthusiasts heard from Edan Yago, CEO of Epiphyte, former employee at Zynga. Read more: