Friday, April 19, 2024
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Tag: Starling Bank

Starling to launch Pay by Bank app

Pay by Bank app has announced a partnership with Starling Bank that will launch its market leading mobile payments service to Starling Bank's customers. Read more:

Can challenger FinTech banks achieve scale?

Challenger FinTech banks will need to achieve scale to maximize cost and feature benefits against legacy banking organizations. Read more:

Starling Bank Developer Portal goes live

Starling Bank today unveiled its much anticipated Developer Portal and took the next step on its roadmap to building out its Marketplace Platform. Read more:

Starling Bank joins Current Account Switch Service

Starling Bank, one of the new breed of mobile-only banks, has joined the Current Account Switch Service. Read more:

Starling Bank, a digital-only UK bank, launches beta

Starling Bank, one of a number of digital-only or so-called “challenger” banks in the U.K., is launching a beta. Read more:

Starling Bank strikes money transfer deal with TransferWise

TransferWise will provide money transfer services to customers of digital bank Starling when it launches later this month. Read more:

Starling Bank integrates API into Google Home

Mobile-first Starling Bank released a video today showing off an integration of its API with a Google Home device. Read more:

Starling Bank joins Faster Payments as direct partner

Starling Bank has become the first digital-only bank to join the Faster Payments Scheme as a direct participant. Read more:

Challenger Bank CEOs say banks can’t catch up with FinTech

Banks are more potentially vulnerable to disruption than ever before - and digital-first challengers are charging into the market and rethink the role of banks in consumers’ lives. Read more:

Challenger Bank CEO joins FinTech Investor Forum

FinTech Investor Forum is announcing another leading FinTech speaker with challenger bank Starling’s CEO and founder Anne Boden joining the growing line up of influential figures.