Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Tag: remittances

Pockit swipes £2.9m for inclusive mobile banking

Mobile banking startup Pockit has picked up £2.9m in new funding as it introduces a remittance service from the UK to Italy and Poland. Read more:

WorldRemit launches online money transfers in Japan

WorldRemit, the leading online money transfer business, has launched in Japan. Read more:

BillMo and the momentum of remittances

The remittance model is one that is here to stay. Read more:

Azimo updates remit service

Azimo announced a complete overhaul of money transfer services to the Philippines. Read more:

WorldRemit announces Lebanon expansion

WorldRemit, the digital money transfer service, announced it was launching a new cash pick up service in Lebanon. Read more:

Cambrist offers dynamic approach to forex payments

To drive a sea change in how international consumer payments are made, Cambrist has developed a cloud-based foreign currency exchange processing engine. Read more:

Preparing for real-time payments in the US

The Clearing House (TCH) has announced its plans for a real-time payments initiative for the U.S. Read more:

WorldRemit and Xpress Money partnership

Now through Xpress Money’s extensive agent partner network, WorldRemit customers will make secure, instant money transfers to be collected as cash. Read more: