Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Tag: P2P Lending

AlliedCrowds prepares for P2P platform AlliedExchange launch

This proposed platform will use P2P lending technology to present a range of sub-Saharan Africa loans to both retail and institutional investors. Read more:

Some UK P2P lenders are buying each other’s loans

The FCA released a new report on regulation of P2P lenders and crowdfunding platforms on Friday suggesting tighter regulation amid concerns. Read more:

UK moves to protect alt-lending investors

While the FCA requires these alternative lending platforms to be “clear, fair and not misleading” for investors, this doesn’t always happen, the agency said. Read more:

Local alternative lending is enabling growth outside the city

The UK’s major banks are required to refer the businesses they turn down for a loan to an alternative provider, for example P2P platform, Folk2Folk. Read more:

P2P lender Folk2Folk gains full FCA authorisation

Folk2Folk will be able to offer the innovative finance individual savings account (IFISA) to customers, subject to the HM Revenue and Customs approval. Read more:

Why most P2P lenders have not yet offered IFISAs

After many months of the new Innovative Finance ISA being approved there are only several leading P2P lenders participating in the savings program. Read more:

P2P lending, a new form of financial inclusion

P2P lending offers many advantages, like its flexibility, which allows it to channel capital to virtually anyone, in any amount, effectively, at low interest rates. read more:

FinTech Zopa is launching a bank

Zopa, the London-fintech credited with inventing P2P lending, is launching a challenger bank to enhance their market-lending business. Read more:

Will P2P lending disrupt the banks?

In a P2P transaction, money flows from lenders directly to borrowers through the platform, bypassing the traditional banking channel. Read more:

Crowdo gets licence for P2P lending and equity crowdfunding

Crowdohas received its CMS licence from the MAS for securities crowdfunding to deliver both peer-to-peer and equity crowdfunding. Read more: