Sunday, February 25, 2024
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The future of insurance is collaboration

To the outside observer the insurance industry may look very conservative. Read more:

Allianz backs InsurTech darling Lemonade

InurTech startup Lemonade has secured funding from global insurance giant Allianz. The terms of the deal are undisclosed. Read more:

Can Lemonade catch on with customers?

InsurTech start-up Lemonade is relying on behavioural economics and speed to attract customers to its new homeowners policy. Read more:

How insurers can implement tech companies’ tactics

Insurers are rethinking insurance: applying cognitive technologies that understand and reason, improving the way insurers do business. Read more:

How Lemonade delivers instant everything

Daniel Schreiber is the co-founder of Lemonade Inc., and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Read more:

Insurance on the cusp of big change?

The insurance industry is often seen as an ”Old Boys Club”, a conservative sector characterised by inertia. Read more:

Betting against Lemonade

Lemonade’s backers are in it to get rich—or richer—and not to make insurance “delightful,” as the company’s slogan goes, and they may well succeed. Read more:

InsurTech firm Lemonade continues transparency push

The InsurTech firm that wants to bulldoze insurance as we know it, has published their 3rd and final in a series about platform growth and transparency. Read more:

How Lemonade and AI are putting the fizz in insurance claims

US peer-to-peer InsurTech start-up Lemonade, claims it has set a world record for the speed and ease of paying a claim at three seconds with zero paperwork. Read more:

InsurTech startup Lemonade touts 3 seconds claims payment

Lemonade has staked a claim on a “new world record” as its artificial intelligence allowed the InsurTech firm the ability to pay a claim in just 3 seconds. Read more: