ETFs made Simple, in Pounds, Euros, and now US Dollars

World’s first robo-advisor offering accounts in three major global currencies

ETFmatic, the first pan-European robo-advisory platform disrupting how exchange traded funds (ETFs) are customised for investors, is now offering accounts in three global currencies. Customers across 17 European countries can open and add additional currency portfolios in Pounds, Euros, and US Dollars from today for greater diversification.

ETFmatic offers two types of portfolios for investors – Starter Plans that implement a “buy and hold” strategy based on three broad risk categories: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive asset allocations; and Dynamic Investments using modern portfolio theory (MPT) to create plans that are tailored to each client based on Exposure, Patience, and Time Horizon.

Luis Rivera, CEO and Co-founder of ETFmatic, comments: “In response to growing demand from our customers for a simple and cost effective way to diversify investments in multiple currencies, ETFmatic is the first robo-advisor in the world offering accounts in three major global currencies.    

Our goal is to enable everyone in Europe to easily convert their savings into diversified investments through low cost index funds that generate highly efficient market returns. Launching dollar portfolios gives European investors more choice and easier access to leading ETFs in the US.”   

Tom Carnell, Co-founder and CTO at ETFmatic, adds: We are releasing new features every week to help investors reach their investment goals. Dollar accounts are yet another example of the flexibility of our proprietary platform, which enables us to manage a bespoke portfolio for each customer.”