InvestCloud launches new Navy apps for pensions, endowments and foundations

InvestCloud, a global FinTech firm, has released its latest series of financial apps to run on the InvestCloud digital platform. Building on the existing InvestCloud Navy product, the new release includes new app-based functionality for the digital platform specifically designed to better meet the needs of the pension, endowment and foundation (PEF) sector.

The upgrades to Navy enable informational power for better asset allocation through robust access, control and entry apps, offering multiple views on multiple data types. It also provides extremely flexible maker, checker, authorizer workflows and unique Error Shield protection for stress-free data entry and impact analysis.

Firms running Navy will be able to utilise InvestCloud’s Manager Fee Model Capture, a new app that captures the look-through fees of underlying managers and simplifies reporting in this area. Other new apps include Contributions & Donations and Implied Private Premium. This is a key benefit for PEF investment offices.

The newly released apps also allow the PEF market to create app dashboards mashing a variety of information types together to enable better decision-making. This provides a completely personalised digital experience for each client. Navy also includes robust board reporting enhanced by a digital portal accessible on any device, any time, anywhere.

John Wise, co-founder and CEO of InvestCloud, said: “Digital is taking over the financial industry. Pensions, endowments and foundations are no different. In order to cater to the next generation of investors – as well as the current generation of digitally savvy investors – digital-first strategies are essential. Navy enables the PEF segment to achieve this, creating first-class digital experiences for clients.”

InvestCloud Navy caters particularly well to multi-asset-class and multi-strategy portfolios, and delivers robust performance analytics through customisable dashboards. PEF funds upgrading to Navy also gain access to the InvestCloud Digital Warehouse, which combines millions of pieces of content – from news and social media to portfolio and market data – with an analytically focused digital platform to enable a single version of the integrated truth.

First released in 2015, Navy empowers institutional investors with robust tools for data aggregation, performance analytics, attribution, exposure management, liquidity management and operational efficiencies, specifically designed to scale PEF investment offices.

Wise added: “When information is digitalized, accurate and error-proof, your team can trust in the data they are evaluating, and focus on ideas instead of validating numbers. This is how InvestCloud enables new efficiencies in how PEF portfolios are managed and reported.”