InsurTech Startup Bunker Raises $2m in Seed Funding

Bunker, a San Francisco, CA-based insurance technology startup, raised $2m in seed funding. Read more:

Self-service shopping startup MUUME seals CHF2.2m Heliad Equity-led round

Digital self-service shopping startup MUUME has picked up CHF2.2m ($2.28m) of growth financing led by German investor Heliad Equity Partners.

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Kreditech and the Next Generation of Consumer Banking

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What’s the right amount of Robo for Investment Management?

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No-more toilet paper makes no sense

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Lending company earnest raises $275m

The lending segment of the financial services industry has been one of the areas that has attracted the most interest from venture investors with mature. Read more:

What is the future of real estate investment services?

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Two real estate companies make Forbes' FinTech 50 list

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