Monday, April 22, 2024

FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck on the big data landscape

Today, the big data sector amounts to more than 7.5 percent of total venture investments. So where are we in the world of big data, and is the recent obsession with AI still fundamentally related to big data? Read More:

$50 million for ThoughtSpot’s search engine

ThoughtSpot, which you should think of as a Google for data analysis within a business, has raised $50 million in Series C round of funding, because its technology is pretty damn cool. Read More:

What Banks and FinTech Need to Ponder Before They Partner

Many see the future of financial services being powered by partnerships between banks and fintechs, but both sides need to first make sure they understand themselves and what they want. Read more:

Enterprise Ireland unveils €500,000 fund for FinTech startups

Competitive start fund can award up to €50,000 to each successful applicant. Read more:

The future of microfinance in the FinTech age

Rupert Scofield, president and CEO of microfinance organisation FINCA, reflects on the state of microfinance as for-profit FinTech companies are moving in on the space. Read more:

FinTech Will Change the Way You Invest

A mix of finance and technology, fintech is set to explode on Wall Street. Read more:

InsurTech holds great promise for the re/insurance industry

The latest surge of technology advances holds great promise for the re/insurance industry, as Steve Reid, business strategy director of Xuber, explains. Read more:

Robo advisors push wealth management into 21st century

Algorithm-based advice appeals to mature users as well as younger customers Wealth management, the hot ticket in recent years for banks. Read more:

“FinTech” Driving Commercial Real Estate Growth

As banks continue to recover from the last financial crisis they also face heightened regulation, potential for security breaches and a squeeze on expenses. This is having a major impact on their real estate decisions. Read more:

This FinTech startup says it will take $13 trillion away from...

If you've been paying attention to trends in finance, you know there's a lot of buzz around startups in financial technology, more commonly known as FinTech. Read more: