Saturday, May 25, 2024

What Banks and FinTech Need to Ponder Before They Partner

Many see the future of financial services being powered by partnerships between banks and fintechs, but both sides need to first make sure they understand themselves and what they want. Read more:

InsurTech holds great promise for the re/insurance industry

The latest surge of technology advances holds great promise for the re/insurance industry, as Steve Reid, business strategy director of Xuber, explains. Read more:

Nursing Research Topics

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Howto Utilize A Vision Table to Trigger the Law of Interest

Even Though there are substantial quantities of businesses possible in the sector which are supplying content writing services but you always ought to pick...

Descriptive Writing

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$50 million for ThoughtSpot’s search engine

ThoughtSpot, which you should think of as a Google for data analysis within a business, has raised $50 million in Series C round of funding, because its technology is pretty damn cool. Read More:

Islamic banks unveil platform for investment accounts

KUALA LUMPUR: Six Islamic banking institutions have launched the first bank-intermediated financial technology (fintech) platform, known as the investment account platform (IAP). Read more:

Sample Notice of Objective for Graduate School

How-to Distribute a Publishing Diary Why Select English is considered the way of universal communication , and we all need it regularly...

London Set To Be B2B FinTech's Newest Hub

Analysts are pointing to London as the world's rising star for B2B and enterprise financial technology startups. Read more:

Seedly wants to simplify personal finance for millennials

Singaporean startup Seedly’s co-founders Kenneth Lou and Tee Ming Chew want to do the work millennials are too lazy to do themselves. Read More: