Crowdcube reveals 20% jump in investment since Brexit

Crowdcube has announced that it has seen a 20% increase in investment since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Read more:

MAS reviewing VC regime to anchor more funds

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is reviewing its regulatory regime for venture capital managers to get more of them in Singapore. Read more:

P2P lender Silver Bullion passes $14m in secured lending

The peer to peer lending platform based in Singapore is a secured lender that backs up each loan with gold or silver bullion. Read more:

Myanmar microfinance could see FinTech first

Blockchain technology could be coming to Myanmar, where a local company is hoping to become one of the first microfinance firms in the world to use a blockchain-based core banking system. Read more:

Could crowdfunding be the next big investment scandal?

The UK’s crowdfunding industry is one of the great success stories of the so-called FinTech (financial technology) sector. Read More:

FinTech Australia approves crowdfunding legislation

FinTech Australia lauded the Australian Parliament’s vote to support the Corporations Amendment Bill. Read more:

Here’s how regulation crowdfunding performed in 2016

Regulation Crowdfunding, went into effect and 2016 ended with much promise for entrepreneurs seeking funding and our government seeking jobs. Read more:

Funding Societies gets provisional CMS license

The license will allow Funding Societies to deal in securities for lending-based crowdfunding for all classes of investors in Singapore. Read more:

MobileCause grabs $15m for non-profit fundraising

Digital fundraising and communication platform for non-profits MobileCause has picked up $15m in a Series B round. Read more:

Businesses are turning to crowdfunding for finance

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to raise funds. Alternative finance is now a global phenomenon, with $34billion raised. Read more: