Friday, September 29, 2023


Infosys revamps Council of Europe HR system

The Oracle's PeopleSoft-based integrated HR and payroll system will streamline business processes and boost productivity. Read more:

Nordea prepares for robot future with virtual employees

The robots are coming, so says Nordea, which has already 'hired' a host of 'virtual employees' to take on repetitive tasks. Read more:

Airwallex seals $3m to help firms avoid currency fluctuation risk

Melbourne-based fintech startup Airwallex has landed $3m to minimise cross-border payment risks. The pre-Series A investment round was led by Shanghai-based venture capital firm Gobi...

Why do we need digital ID systems in financial services?

The idea of a universal, tamper-proof digital identity becomes increasingly relevant in the face of political, economic and other uncertainties around the world. Read more:

NovoPayment launches bot services for messenger

NovoPayments announced the availability of Messenger integration within its platform, allowing its clients the ability to quickly automate interactions with their customers in engaging, new ways. Read more:

Aspiring private banks have focus on FinTech

China will soon kick off the second round of awarding licenses for private banks. Five private banks had opened for business in 2015. Read more:

New treasury software deal for Infosys Finacle in India

Federal Bank is to overhaul its treasury operations with Infosys’ Finacle banking system. Read more:

Father and daughter seek to revolutionize banking industry

FinTech (financial technology) startups are disrupting traditional consumer banking by offering alternative, cheaper and more convenient financial services. Read more:

Banks are facing threats on many fronts

The banks are being threatened by the FinTech industry, while regulators are encouraging the competition. Read more:

Oracle is big in FinTech as digital finance becomes ubiquitous

Oracle is one of the largest software and services companies in the world, and has grown and pushed into a multitude of verticals and businesses. Read more: