Friday, December 1, 2023


BOCHK looks to enhance its FinTech services

Bank of China (Hong Kong), which has the largest branch network in the city, has no plans to scale down its traditional network, even as online banking has cut the need for physical visits. Read more:

“Institutions must adapt or risk obsolescence”

Tapestry Networks and Ernst & Young (EY) published a report focused on revolutionary changes that will affect financial services. Read more:

Blockchain inadvertently fuelling cloud adoption

hilst just about every other industry has made the transition, banks have been one of the last to adopt cloud technology. Read more:

Bank of England seeks to innovate services via new FinTech Accelerator

The Bank of England announced the launch of a new Fintech Accelerator on 17 June looking to support businesses able to help it innovate central banking.

New loan origination system for Mobilink Microfinance Bank

Pakistan-based Mobilink Microfinance Bank is implementing a new loan origination system, supplied by Path Solutions. Read more:

UnionBank launches New Eon, the first “selfie” banking

UnionBank has launched New EON, a new digital banking platform. Read more:

Citi taps JPM’s Gavin Michael to lead consumer bank FinTech

Citi has hired senior JPMorgan Chase executive Gavin Michael to lead technology operations at its consumer bank. Read more:

BNP Paribas implements Olympic Banking System

ERI is pleased to announce that BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Taiwan have successfully implemented the OLYMPIC Banking System. Read more:

Digital transformation for greater financial inclusion

Digital transformation for greater financial inclusion. Banco Popular Dominicano has led financial innovation since its founding 52 years ago in the Dominican Republic. Read More: