Bankjoy Inks Three New Deals

Fintech company Bankjoy has signed three more credit union contracts:
the $395m CommunityWide Federal Credit Union of South Bend, Ind.; the
$125m Advantage Plus Federal Credit Union of Pocatello, Idaho; and, the $35
million One Detroit Credit Union of Detroit.

“We are proud to work with these three organizations, and look forward to helping
them improve their member experience, increase efficiencies and develop a
foundation to more easily integrate future technologies,” said Bankjoy CEO Michael

CommunityWide will convert to Bankjoy’s software for home banking, mobile
banking, e-statements, bill payment and budgeting tools, as well as utilize Bankjoy’s
data marketing technology.

The credit union, which serves four counties in northern Indiana, selected Bankjoy
because the firm’s technology will help the credit union provide high value digital
access to members’ financial resources.

Bankjoy’s solution will meet expectations of members expecting a multifaceted
product and assistance in achieving financial goals. And, members simply seeking
simple access to their accounts will also be served, said CEO Andy Burggraf.
Advantage Plus selected Bankjoy’s home banking and mobile apps, and is also
considering adding Bankjoy Voice, a groundbreaking Alexa skill.

CIO Adam Brown said Bankjoy’s open API framework will help his credit union
integrate well with future vendors, and will provide a fresh look to online channels.
He also cited competitive pricing and strong product offerings for his decision.

One Detroit will use Bankjoy’s online and mobile banking products and also said the
firm’s API will facilitate further product enhancements. Integrating products into
the credit union’s core will enable it to eliminate some back office tasks, said CIOJohn DiGaetano.

“Bankjoy will help us improve member facing processes and efficiencies with online
services. It will also help us leverage technology to become a member service leader
by providing the same suite of services provided at competing institutions,” he said.