Monday, April 15, 2024
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Tag: UBS

IBM is going all in on blockchain for trade finance

Software giant IBM has been a leader in blockchain-based solutions targeting trade finance, launching solutions for Indian Mahindra Group. Read more:

UBS launches SmartWealth digital platform in UK

UBS wealth management launched its new digital platform, smartwealth. Read more:

Crypto Valley Association to build blockchain ecosystem

Crypto Valley Association launched with a number of leading companies and startups as members, including ConsenSys, UBS, PwC, and more. Read more:

UBS wealth chief: ‘we are embracing FinTech’

The COO of UBS’ wealth management sector said recently that banks are now focusing on working with FinTech companies. Read more:

Bank-backed Visible Alpha unveils investment research platform

Visible Alpha has announced the commercial availability of its new investment research platform with content contributed by more than twenty research firms. Read more:

Epam wins $300m UBS deal

The world's largest wealth manager, UBS, has inked a $300 million-plus, multi-year deal with technology firm Epam Systems as it seeks to put IT at the heart of its cost reduction programme. Read more:

Beyond robo-advisers: how AI could rewire wealth management

Banks' wealth management departments and other investment firms are starting to adopt artificial intelligence. Read more:

Banks reportedly seek to invest $59m in blockchain startup R3

Originally seeking to raise $200m by offering prospective investors a 90% stake, R3 restructured the deal to $150m in return for a 60% stake in itself. Read more:

Blockchain seeks to squeeze out the lawyers

The technology behind Bitcoin is gearing up to build a new set of foundations for business. Read more:

UBS targets less rich Brits with robo-advisor platform

UBS is hoping to bring its wealth management services to a wider audience through the launch of a digital robo-advisory platform available to UK customers. Read more: