Friday, September 29, 2023
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Tag: Ripple

Ripple adds 10 new financial firms to ‘blockchain network’

Ripple is adding 10 new banks and financial services providers to what it's now calling its "blockchain network". Read more:

BBVA completes cross-border instant payments

BBVA completes its first cross-border real-time payments using Ripple's blockchain technology with eyes on B2B payments. Read more:

Cambridge publishes first global cryptocurrency study

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has published its first study on digital currencies. Read more:

Bank of England teams with Ripple for cross-border payments

The Bank of England’s FinTech accelerator has teamed with Ripple. Read more:

Japanese banks complete money transfer pilot using Ripple

Blockchain is moving into production, 47 Japanese banks completed a pilot implementation of Ripple’s technology. Read more:

Abu Dhabi Bank partners with Ripple for cross-border payments

Abu Dhabi’s largest bank has begun offering a new cross-border transaction service in partnership with distributed ledger startup Ripple. Read more:

FinTech companies form lobbying group focused on data sharing

A consortium of FinTech companies have formed a new industry group to advocate for allowing consumers to share their financial data. Read more:

Bitstamp adds Ripple currency XRP to trading platform

One of the leading European-based bitcoin exchanges is adding another virtual currency to the bitcoins already traded on its platform. Read more:

Ripple CEO steps aside

The CEO of blockchain tech startup Ripple has decided to step aside for the firm’s current COO and president. Read more:

Banks are facing threats on many fronts

The banks are being threatened by the FinTech industry, while regulators are encouraging the competition. Read more: