Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Tag: Regulation

Is a lack of regulation stifling bitcoin growth?

Co-director of Imperial College London’s Centre for Cryptocurrency believes a dearth of regulation is undermining new financial technologies. Read more :

Bitcoin MSB exemption goes to New Hampshire for approval

Senators in New Hampshire have passed a bill that would exempt digital currency traders from money transmission regulations. Read more:

Using FinTech regulations might hamstring the big brands

Entrepreneurs often complain that federal regulations of the finance industry impede radical advances in technology. Venture capitalist Adam Boyden has a different take. Read more:

The IMF holds first ‘high level’ meeting on blockchain

The IMF held a meeting of an advisory group on FinTech today – one that featured heavy representation from blockchain industry execs. Read more:

Evolving the AML compliance officer into a tech expert

As Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and expectations have continued to grow and change so too have the expectations of AML Officers and their teams. Read more:

New reforms accelerate FinTech activity in Dubai

Rising investments in the FinTech segment and the DIFC's new focus on startups are also driving a process of reform in Dubai's legal framework. Read more:

Crowdfunding in the Netherlands grows by 33%

In 2016 a total of €170 million was raised through crowdfunding in the Netherlands. This sets a new all-time high for the crowdfunding market. Read more:

Taiwan opts for caution in developing FinTech

Financial industry observers see potential for Taiwan in the FinTech sector, citing ways in which technologies could help banking and insurance. Read more:

British FinTech sector has shrugged off Brexit dip

Britain's financial technology sector has recovered from an initial dip after Britain's vote to leave the European Union, says a UK regulator. Read more:

FinTech is poised to thrive in Mexico

The Mexican market has everything - the market size, the interest and the right attitude. Read more: