Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Tag: Paypal

Facebook Messenger adds PayPal bot payments

A new deal will see US customers able to link their PayPal accounts. Read more:

Intuit and PayPal team up to help SMEs get paid faster

The partnership will provide QuickBooks Online customers with a new way of accepting payments via PayPal. Read more:

PayPal revenue climbs 18% in strong Q3 earnings

PayPal’s revenue increased 18% year on year in the third quarter to reach $2.67bn, beating the $2.65bn Wall Street expected. Read more:

When a payment is more than a transaction

The role of electronic payments in 2016 goes far beyond basic transactions performed in vast networks to move funds from one person or entity to another. Read more:

Vodafone and PayPal partner on contactless payments

Vodafone and PayPal have joined forces to allow UK customers to make contactless payments. Read more:

How FinTech will disrupt the banking system

As the upheaval in banking and finance from fintech unfolds, you will need a reliable store of wealth like gold bullion to hedge against the unknown. Read more:

PayPal promotes Venmo Executive to Operating Chief

PayPal Holdings Inc. has promoted William J. Ready to chief operating officer. Read more:

PayPal and Lenovo team on security for payments

PayPal is teaming up with electronics manufacturer Lenovo and chip maker Intel to let users authenticate payments on their PCs with a fingerprint. Read more:

Australia more “FinTech-ready” than some European peers

Often touted as a niche industry, this author is seeing early signs that mass-acceptance of fintech providers is growing nearer. Read more:

PayPal buddies up with UnionPay for European payments

PayPay is making it easier for European e-commerce companies to attract Chinese customers through a partnership with UnionPay. Read more: