Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Tag: Mobile Payment

New survey shows mobile wallet adoption is a long slog

A new study just released by reveals that mobile wallet usage in the United States remains small and shows no signs of increasing soon. Read more:

How Walmart is using Walmart Pay

When Walmart Pay first appeared on the scene a little over a year ago, it seemed something of the mobile payments odd man out. Read more:

Merrill Lynch revamps mobile app

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management today announced major enhancements to its mobile apps and other technologies. Read more:

A year after launch, Apple Pay finds limited traction in China

Apple Pay is now dominating its home country, the US, but the same can’t be said of China where it is up against a different set of challenges. Read more:

Mexican mobile payments investment opportunities

The report from PayNXT360 provides a strategic analysis of mobile payment market dynamics in Mexico, offering a wealth of insights to help companies understand business and investment opportunities along with risks and innovation. Read more:

iZettle to accept UnionPay cards

The company’s card reader, iZettle Reader, is the first of its kind to accept UnionPay, across its ten markets in Europe. Read more:

The mobile wallet that can still make payments with no internet

Klozest is in talks with leading wallets in India to integrate its software development kit into their apps to enable payments that require no internet, or bluetooth, or the NFC chips used by Apple Pay. Read more:

Four FinTech trends to look out for in 2017

The technology world continues unabated, with the FinTech sector holding some exciting new developments for the year ahead. Read more:

PayPal’s partnership frenzy continues with FIS and Citi

PayPal is partnering with financial technology provider FIS and Citigroup in order to provide better, faster, stronger digital payments. Read more:

Xiaomi Launches Its First Payment System 

Xiaomi is launching its first payment system on September 1st. The system is called Mi Payn and will join smartphone payment systems, like Android Pay and Apple Pay. Read more: