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Tag: Microfinance

Kreditech Russia achieves microfinance company (MFC) status

Kreditech Group’s subsidiary "Kreditech Rus" has received the status of a Microfinance Company (MFC) on March 27, 2017 from the Central Bank of Russia. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

New FinTech removes intermediaries and loan costs

Zidisha lets web users lend directly to individual borrowers in developing countries without any intermediary. Read more: www.ibtimes.co.uk

Myanmar microfinance could see FinTech first

Blockchain technology could be coming to Myanmar, where a local company is hoping to become one of the first microfinance firms in the world to use a blockchain-based core banking system. Read more: www.mmtimes.com

The future of microfinance in the FinTech age

Rupert Scofield, president and CEO of microfinance organisation FINCA, reflects on the state of microfinance as for-profit FinTech companies are moving in on the space. Read more: www.pioneerspost.com